Sunday, January 24, 2016

Releasing New Features

The team has been tirelessly working to improve the platform. This new evolution is a major step towards our vision of being the ultimate market intelligence platform for curious minds, strategists, experts, and market researchers.   We have plenty of ideas on how to drive the site forward and are very excited to get your take on where we are heading.

A few months ago, we issued a features and benefits survey with the question: "What would be your recommendations to take to the next level?" The top answers we got centered around 3 things: 
o Deeper reports and monthly summaries
o Ability to create your own reports by downloading the data 
o Customize the site for your benefits: 

And here’s how we responded to your recommendations:  

Deeper reports and summaries: On top of the existing Daily Hub, which features all the must-read industry related news delivered straight to your email, we have introduced the Monthly Briefing and the Quarterly Intelligence Report. 

The Monthly Briefing summarizes the emerging trends, the new and upcoming companies, latest product innovations and Funding & Acquisition related information.The Quarterly Intelligence Report provides deep strategic insights on your market. 

Ability to create your own reports and conduct your research by downloading the data: You can now export all the people and company data from our platform to run your own research. Use cases include: building up your sales list, identifying investors and board members for your company, building your own market performance insights, etc.   

Customize the site for your benefits:  What we are basically doing is giving you access to all our tools to create your own markets or lists to generate the data you need regarding the specific things you are interested in. Here’s how to do it: 
- Clone our markets: You can now take one of our markets and make it yours. This allows you to remove the companies or topics you are not interested in, and add the ones that make sense to you. You can then track these lists and generate your own market summaries.
- Generate Your Own Market Summaries: Say you want to know about a list of investors by the companies that they have invested in. You can now create a list with all these companies, generate a market summary and get all the important information about the people, investors, partners, and customers that are associated with the companies that you’ve selected, which saves you hours of research.
- Create your own landscapes: You can now create multiple public and/or private lists, and combine them into one list (i.e., “a list of lists”) to build out your own custom landscape. 

So now let’s look at how you can combine these powerful new features. Say you want to track the entire BigData industry. Go and identify all the BigData lists we have. Create “a list of lists” with all these Big Data lists. You are now able to download all the Big Data Companies, People and VCs. You will also receive all the must-read articles for your new list through our Daily Hub, as well as the Monthly Briefing, which will provide all the new entrants, funding, trends, and product innovations. On a quarterly basis, you will also receive our Quarterly Insight Report, showing your market’s deep drivers.   


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