Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Look Where You've Taken Us!

Having launched the new Spoke nearly 15 months ago, we wanted to share some exciting trends. is now performing at scale:  our database is edited constantly, having received more than 330,000 edits, and has been visited more than 35 million times.  Also our contribution community has grown to more than 40,000 users who have each contributed 5 edits on average.

And our user growth trend is accelerating:
-It took us 10 months to enroll our first 20,000 users
-It only took 5 months to gain our next 20,000 users

When our members are on the site, they view an average of 17 pages per visit, and stay on the site for about 20 minutes -- and our bounce rate is close to zero.  Our beta users spend even more time on the site:  30 pages and 45 minutes per visit.  In fact, Spokestaff members are only averaging 53 minutes per visit --  and I'm sure Philippe is going to point this out and encourage us to spend more time on Spoke so as not to be overtaken!

We are really excited by what we are seeing, and we hope you are too; because not only is this a signal of accelerating interest in the platform, it's a sign that more and more people are no longer satisfied with today's information inefficiencies.  High-performing people don't want to spend hours every day looking for information. They want it all in one place and organized in a way that is very easy to consume, so they can develop insights faster.  As a result, more and more people are learning to use Spoke to break the old news cycle -- by following the companies and people that are relevant to their work, and allowing us to track new information for you, and tell you when something happens that is important.  So ...

And if you want to contribute information to the system, feel free to do so. Each of us has already contributed more than 5 edits and if you do, we can increase our average contributions even further.

And watch close for more Spoke news.  We're getting ready to release a powerful new feature set that will make your information consumption even more streamlined.

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