Sunday, December 23, 2012

Worst Submissions of the Year

Sometimes our users really make us laugh.  Because while they do a phenomenal job up updating and adding new pages to our fast-growing database, we certainly can't publish just anything they offer up.  All year long we monitor user editing to ensure accuracy and objectivity, however as a byproduct, we filter out some unexpected and often hilarious edits.  And for your amusement, we've compiled some of the best of the worst to share with you!

To protect the innocent (or rather, the guilty,) we don't record the names of the authors.  And so in no particular order, here are the Top 10 Worst Submissions attempted in 2012!
  1. User Complaint:  "I found pieces of glass in 2 bags of your Frozen Corn."
  2. Job Title:  "Straight-up Witch Doctor"
  3. Job Title:  "Chief Butt Designer"
  4. Summary:  "Strange, Apelike Man"
  5. Summary:  "Professional Swindler for over 40 years"
  6. Summary:  "He has all the class of a deranged baboon"
  7. Job Title:  "Big Power Hungry Manager"
  8. Summary:  "Anything good ever been written about him .... is a misprint"
  9. Person Tag:  "SWAGGED OUT"
  10. Job title:  "Avid Witch Hunter"

While we certainly can't condone this type of submission, we assume that everyone was just trying to help us improve our SPAM filters!  So thanks for keeping us on our toes.  And thanks again for what is rounding out to be a monumental 2012!

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