Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Votes Are In: Technology and Finance will be our Next Rounds of Topics!

As our readers may know, we've set an ambitious goal to build over 100,000 new topics pages on the new!  And as we continue to build our database (having just added thousands in Healthcare and Cleantech!) we want to focus on those industry topics that matter most to you.  We recently asked you to take a quick survey to let us know what industries you work in and care about..
The top industry vote getters were:
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Consulting
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing

You Really Came Through!  It was the largest turnout we've had to date for our User Surveys, and you provided us with more than 50 unique industries that are important to you.  Over the coming months we're going to roll out new sets of topics pages within these industries, and just like those currently on the site, you can own them as Spoke contributors to grow your professional reputation (we'll publish your name and picture all over the pages, and you will be found in Google Searches by these topics and industries.)  It's as easy as adding and curating content to pages we generate, or by creating new topics for anything not yet in our system.
We'll let you know as new topics are released!  Thanks so much for supporting our vision.
Click Here to answer our 1-Question Advocate Survey!

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