Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spoke releases automatically generated profiles

Today is another historic day for Spoke and for the Business Intelligence Community at large. 

After having provided unique capabilities last week to aggregate and navigate through content, we are releasing our first set of automatically created topic pages--about 5,000 of them, bringing the count to over 100 times more topics than we had yesterday; and those 5,000 topics only cover alternative energy and sustainability, a small sliver of the world of business information as a whole. Our goal before the end of 2013 is to create more than 450,000 Business topics on Spoke, two thirds automatically-created and one third user-generated. The initial topics are all created the same: you will find a summary, a cloud of tags and a list of links in the notable links section.  Here are few examples of pages that has been created:

We would not have been able to come up with that many topics without Wikipedia. For this first series of topics, we have automatically identified which pages within Wikipedia are related to the subjects of Energy and Sustainability. We have extracted the summary and provided a link to the Wikipedia page for content attribution. We then matched this content with content coming from VentureBeat, Cleantechnica, TechCrunch,…. and created links on those topic pages to the most relevant content we found on each of those sites. Last but not least, we then created a cloud of tags for each topic by matching the topics together and identifying which ones are more similar to each other. If a topic is similar to a topic source, then the name of the topic is assigned as a tag in the topic source page.

There is still a lot of information to be added to the page to make them complete. As a matter of fact, we estimate those pages to be only 35% complete. So we need your help to make those pages as useful as possible.  Particularly, if you know of any topic experts whether Industry Expert, Customers, Partners, please make sure to add them to the page.

If you contribute, we will recognize you and as one of our community members recently wrote on a blog post about Spoke and the huge benefit users can gain by curating topics within their areas of subject matter expertise, and being recognized for it in Google searches.  And given we are so early, he stated about  Spoke that "it's a land grab right now!" 

So come to the site and start exploring our new topics pages and let us know what you think about them. We will also be building more batches of topics in the coming weeks, and would be very interested to know which business segments you would like to see being developed next.

Philippe Cases

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