Monday, April 2, 2012

Good news coming from the data 2.0 conference:

Spoke software has been chosen by the Data 2.0 summit as one of their Top 100 innovators in the cloud data space. I have to say that I was surprised as I was pointed to this announcement by a friend who had called to congratulate me.

The Data 2.0 Summit brings together participants to discuss the new online data ecosystem of APSs, social data, geo data, data-as-a-service and big data. This year’s conference, which takes place April 3 in San Francisco, will explore thought leadership discussions on cloud data and how companies are building on top of and investing in a long-term foundation of social data, open government data, business intelligence data and customer data.

As part of their conference, Data 2.0 summit has asked their advisory board to identify 100 innovative companies and classified them into 20 categories from infrastructure to platforms such as Big Data or APIs and up the stack to vertical services such as advertising and targeting, personal data, consumer intelligence…. Of course, those types of lists are never complete but this one covers at least 90% of the space.

Spoke has been selected in the Business intelligence data space alongside 4 companies: Dun&Bradstreet, Experian, Domo and Cortera. All of them are very established players with significant amount of funding by reputable Venture Capitalists such as Benchmark and Battery Ventures for the other start-ups:
  1. Two market leaders that Industry consultants would put in the upper right corner as industry leaders: Dun&Bradstreet and Experian. Both companies have developed their technologies and processes for a long time and offer a complete set of features;
  2. Three interesting start-ups: Domo is one of Forbes 100 America’s most promising companies, which is all about visualization, Cortera is all about aggregation of data about companies while Spoke is all about curation.
If the 2000s, where aggregation, wikis and vertical apps have flourished all at the same time, are a proxy to what is going to happen in the 2010s, the industry incumbents will expand while the start-ups are going to thrive finding their business models. 

We are delighted to be recognized among such recognized companies and to have been identified so early in the process.

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