Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sharing beyond Spoke and launching our industry voice program:

We just broke the 100,000 profiles edited since the launch of the new site and the rhythm of edits has improved significantly. This, of course, includes both automatically and manually edited profiles. This is great news as with each edit, our dataset quality is improving significantly.

With the quality increasing, we need to enable sharing on a new level. As you know, you can already share your edits or the profiles you enjoy on your favorite social network such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, but now we are enabling you to share Spoke profiles on your website or on your blog through our new widget as well. You can leverage not only the pages you created yourself but also the pages created by others. As an example, I used this new widget at the end of the blog post I wrote about Steve Jobs on my personal blog.

Now more importantly, you may have seen the industry voices section on our page which is not filled yet. If you are a blogger and interested in seeing your blogs in this section, you should contact us and, if accepted, we would link back to you anytime you link to one of our pages. For example, Stratothoughts and Spoke are automatically preapproved and have mentioned Steve Jobs profile in two of their blog posts. So now, both posts from each blogs are appearing on our Steve Jobs Profile in the industry voice section.

So now, why would you do this? well few reasons:

1) Promote yourself better on Spoke by creating richer profiles: you can automatically link between your blog and Spoke anytime you are publishing a blog about your company. It is going to be automatically published on your page or on your company’s page if you have linked to the Spoke page-- the same way a press release is published automatically on a profile;

2) Expand your reach: at the same time, you can also talk about a topic or company other than yourself in your blog and if you link to that topic or company, we will link back;

3)Develop topics and increase your presence on Spoke: if you are like me, when I write a blog, I use a lot of background materials that don’t make it to the blog but are interesting enough to be underlined: links, news, articles, and people, which are usually components of a very rich page on which I can market reports, books…..; the research is already done, you just have to build the page.

So how can you leverage this new feature? It is very simple. You go on the page whose content you want to highlight or leverage and you copy the widget code inside the little grey box on the right side of the page, and paste it into any HTML source. You don't even have to know what the code means, only that we will use it to post a widget wherever you paste.

 Give it a try and if you are interested by Industry Voice program. Just let us know by sending an email to Matt our community manager and he will discuss it with you.

Philippe Cases, Spoke Software

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