Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Spoke-a-thon is LIVE! iPods up for Grabs

We're doing it again!  With the success of the last Spoke-a-thon, we've decided to launch another! 

So without further ado, The MARCH SPOKE-A-THON is Officially Live! 
Just as before, it's a contest for our users to build great pages on the new  The winners will receive major promotion on our site, and iPods! (maybe even an iPad 2)  This time, we've added a 4th judging criteria (see below), and this contest will run now through March 19th.

To Enter:
Sign up on (or Login), and create a new page on a topic / company / person of your chosing (hint, we really like topics).  Then, submit it for entry.  

Judging Criteria:
(1)  Completeness: Use the flexibility of the page. Fill as many fields as you can to improve your chances -- this means adding videos, links, detailed descriptions, etc.
(2)  Usefulness: Does your page contain boring everyday information; or is there unique and actionable insight that isn't common to most of the Spoke audience?
(3)  Creativity: A contest wouldn't be complete without a little flair, so feel free to post the unexpected -- links that give unique context, videos that tell a story -- it can only help!
(4)  Social Sharing: vote for your page using the Facebook 'Like', Google +1, and Tweet buttons, and encourage others to do so. The more your entry is shared, the more likely you are to win.

The authors of the 3 best pages will win a custom-engraved iPod Shuffle!  And if you happen to submit 3 winning entries …. you'll get an iPad 2!  Furthermore, we will promote the winners on a special Spoke page, and any winning topics will go on our homepage, where we get 100,000+ views every month -- that's some serious exposure!

See the Official Entry form here for all the rules, and yes, you may submit multiple entries.  To get your wheels turning, check out the winners from last month:
Spoke-A-Thon Winners widget provided by Spoke

Good Luck!

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  1. I was disappointed that the deadline was extended for the last Spoke-a-thon. I worked into the early morning to submit our entries (with much more content that the winning entries) by the published deadline, but the contest was extended. We do not plan to enter again if the rules are malleable. Please understand the disincentive to those of us that try to adhere by the stated rules.