Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is, soon to be, a social network?

I received yesterday from Elmer Shore the following comment on getsatisfaction:
"If i'm seeing & understanding this site correctly, Spoke would basically be another online profile page to an already many existing social media's out there, to which, i'm still trying to unplug from & no longer be found no more, yet here it is again, don't wanna mispoke about you guys or anything, but im sure your intention is well founded to other competitors. Best of luck & success to you."
I want to thank Elmer for his comment and we are always happy to receive comments whether they are praises, criticisms or like this one requirements for clarification. The easy part of the clarification is that if you are an individual, you can remove yourself from the site by clicking on the request removal at the end of the page.

The second comment is about the nature of (soon and let me clarify this right away: we are not a social network. We are a platform for you to share knowledge on a company, person or a topic of interest to you the same way you contribute content to Wikipedia. The difference with Wikipedia is that your contributions can be assigned to you publicly and if you contribute, you will be able to promote yourself on the site by claiming your profile which will be linked to your edits. However, it is not mandatory to have a profile in order to participate.

Our aim is to be the authoritative source for business information and to help knowledgeable people get recognized for the quality of their content they provide to the platform. Obviously, we are far from our first goal now but we have a good start and with your help, we are committed to get there in a reasonable amount of time.

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