Sunday, October 23, 2011

Publishing profiles

We have been publishing on our Facebook page a series of profiles. We will start publishing them on the blog as well. For the one who missed the prior ones, here is a selection. We will publish all of them over time on this blog but  if you want to see them all of them now, visit our Facebook page:

Profile of the day serie: everyday, we are sharing one profile that has been created that day. Today is the profile of Trula Lacalle. Trula is a renowned psychologist focused on repressed memories and is now dedicating her life to aging. If you want to honor one of your mentors, friends from your business life. Go create a profile on for that person and publish it here.
On Wenesday, Steve Jobs died. I was on a company meeting and suddenly everything stopped and we talked about Steve. Nobody around the table knew him. Some were too young and others didn't have the chance. Here is the profile that came out of it. If you want to share your own links, videos, testimony,... go on the profile by clicking on the link and start adding.
Profile on for Steve Jobs, Founder, Former Chairman & CEO, Apple

Profile of the day: Ushahidi is changing the world as it helps to report in real time what is happening in the world enabling people to react quicker and save lives as well as enforcing democracy. Ushahidi is an Open Source Project out of Nairobi Africa which lets users submit reports by text messages, emails, tweets or web postings. This software was used to expose Kenyan Election Killings or res...See More
Company profile on for Ushahidi, Nairob

Profile of the day: Dave McAvoy Dave is on a journey to drink one beer every day. And the good news is that he reports on it so if you like beer...
Profile on for Dave McAvoy