Friday, April 16, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The… Better???

Spoke is upgrading its algorithm and will be re-processing its entire dataset, starting April 17th and running through May 2nd.

This process is going to make search results cleaner by reducing duplicate profiles and by adding deep relationship data for members. We anticipate it is going to last two weeks, during which time members will not have access to validation dates, or dates that information about a person was last updated in Spoke. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause our members, as we know many of you rely on validation information to send emails or build targeted lists of contacts.

As this necessary process runs its course, you will begin to see those validation dates return with a substantially higher degree of accuracy, culminating in the addition of highly accurate communication and relationship statistics for those of you using the Spoke Toolbar, context revealers, and grouping tools.

Stay tuned to the Spoke Insider Blog for updates on this process.


  1. Spoke's inaccurate information is a SIGNIFICANT liabilty for professionals. My work history is inaccurate, and Google has now highlighted it in searches on the 1st page of Google results.

    I have made numerous requests to remove it and attempted to change it myself on my Spoke Profile - all with no response from Spoke and to no avail.

    So, recruiters see the inaccurate job history and think I have "left something off my resume".

    I am now going to search for attorneys willing to file a class-action suit against Spoke.

  2. Can you please make it easier for those wanting to remove their info from "" to do so without having to create an account. The information you have on me is outdated and simply wrong. It should be a one click with possible email verification to be permanently removed from your databases.

  3. Although I though you guys were great already, any updates that make a system run smoother are no inconvenience.

  4. Your site is so bad. I am trying to erase totally false, fabricated information about myself and it impossible to do. Please take all profiles down for me: Ora Shtull

  5. Speaking about the Spoke Toolbar, I had encountered a critical issue that resulted from maintenance work I performed on my MS Outlook 2007 system the other day. I uninstalled the Spoke Outlook Toolbar using Spoke's uninstall utility. After doing so, I rebooted the laptop and to my total amazement, I could no longer open the Outlook program. I still cannot. I tried researching this, but could not come up with an answer. I need to be able to again access my Outlook program and compamy emails. I need to know which Outlook files are modified when the Spoke Outlook Toolbar is installed/uninstalled. Most importantly, I need to know this regarding the .pst file. Would a reinstall of the Spoke Outlook Toolbar help solve this? I do not intend to do any more damage attempting to correct the situation without having Spoke's feedback. These are very easy questions for one of your SEs. I tried calling the San Mateo office, but could not get connected to anyone. There in no other way to contact anyone at Spoke other than this blog.

    Thank you for your immediate attention.

  6. Look forward to seeing the updated algo in action