Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tell us a story and you could win $100 from Spoke...

With Spoke you can find the business contacts you need to grow your business, re-connect with ones you’ve forgotten about and manage how you communicate with them. What could be better than that? How about getting paid $100 for knowing why you needed Spoke in the first place?

Spoke is excited to announce our “If only I had Spoke...” contest. What is it all about and how do I win the $100 you may ask? Great questions! It’s simple. We want to know about a time in your professional life when you were unsuccessful at securing a new business relationship and you forgot you knew someone that could have helped. Have one of the best stories and you win!

We’ve all been there. A sales deal, a partnership, a contract or anything that drives your business’ growth was on the table and it wasn’t looking good. After the fact you realized there was someone you met long ago (either a former colleague, acquaintance, someone you met at a conference, a friend of the family, etc.) that you forgot about, but could have helped you to secure the new business relationship. You know, that point when we all do the proverbial slap to our foreheads and let out a loud D’Oh! Well, we want to hear about that story.

Spoke will select the best four stories submitted and will award one first place prize of $100 and three runner-up prizes of $50 as per the contest rules and regulations (see below).

So what are you waiting for? Tell us why you use Spoke and you’ll be on your way to a cool C-note in your pocket!

Contest Rules & Regulations:
1. You must follow @spokesoftware throughout the duration of the contest.
2. Submit your story by leaving a comment on the blog or by sending email to twitter-contest@spoke.com. If you leave your story on the blog, please make sure to use the same email address you used for Spoke registration for the post account (e.g. not in the post, but in the field that asks for your email address). Otherwise we won’t be able to identify you.
3. You agree that Spoke may publish your story (whether you are a winner or not).
4. Contest ends on February 28, 2010 or until the contest has 25 participants, whichever occurs later.
5. Winners will be notified via email by March 16, 2009.
6. You may only win one first place prize per year and up to 3 runner-up prizes per year.
7. There is one first place prize of $100 and three runner-up prizes of $50.
8. If there are any problems or disputes, Spoke Software is the final arbiter and has the ultimate discretion over awarding the prizes and may award the prizes to any of the participants of the contest.
8. By participating, you agree to have your Twitter name published as the winner on Twitter and on this web site.
9. Winners must provide a mailing address within the United States in order to receive the prize.
10. Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery of the prize. Prizes will only be delivered to addresses within the United States.
11. You must reside within the United States of America to participate in the contest.
12. Contests are void where prohibited.


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing this. I'll try my best to win.

  2. Fuck you guys. You're all criminals.

  3. How's this for a story.

    Someone takes my name and some out of date employment info and publishes it to the web without my knowledge or permission. I "set up" a profile on the bogus networking site in the hopes that I can find the link to delete the profile and the information to no avail. There's no chance that there is anyone else in your US database with my name so there is no doubt as to the information I am talking about. QUIT IT! I have no association with your .com and am tired of this out of date info showing up in searches. Do something about it or I will shower you with hate mail and spam.

  4. This $%@#$ site is a scam, cancel my account.