Sunday, May 3, 2009

More and better information coming to Spoke!

Get ready, changes are coming. Not kidding. Big, exciting changes -- and a lot of them -- are about to hit here at Spoke.

You already know reaching businesspeople can be difficult, to say the least. You also know that Spoke -- with your help -- has made this a lot easier by building the largest network of professional contacts available on the internet. As we have done this our greatest challenge has been keeping up with the wealth of information we are making available to one another through Spoke. The upgrades we’re about to release not only take care of that but add more and better data and make it easier to access than ever before.

The change that will be most apparent is our new, improved look and interface for both our website and membership-only areas. This new look isn’t just chrome: It will let members connect with each other faster. We’ve worked long and hard with designers and usability experts to come up with this and can’t wait to hear what you think.

While that will be the most immediately noticeable change, we know it won’t be the one you like the most. In the battle for better data we’ve devised a way to keep our information as fresh and accurate as possible.  Spoke will now enable you to reach 50% more businesspeople. It’s not just more information, it’s better information too: Most of those contacts will have been updated in the last nine months. That means you’ll have the most recent information on over 55 million professionals and the best tool to find them at your fingertips.

We’ve also added a lot of things you told us you wanted. These things will make Spoke easier to use and help you grow and leverage your professional network. Over the last year we’ve surveyed many of you to find out what you like most about Spoke and what we can do to make your experience using Spoke even better. So thanks to your suggestions we’re rolling out:

  • Easier, more intuitive searching

  • Simpler navigation from one tool in Spoke to the next

  • The ability to see exactly what you’re going to get when you customize your profile

  • More tools to get Spoke information outside of

  • Improvements to existing connection tools like referrals, group connections, and invitations.

As they say on TV, “But wait, that’s not all.”

  • We are also going to be launching the Spoke Ambassador Program. The Ambassadors will be able to raise their personal profiles by being a public voice with other business leaders. They will also have an insider’s role on the development of Spoke’s features. More information about this program and how you can apply will be coming soon.

We really appreciate all the help you’ve given us in making Spoke better. These changes are all a direct result of what you’ve told us you wanted. The Ambassadors program is just the latest example of our commitment to making Spoke what you, our customers, need. So please, don’t stop telling us. We promise to keep asking … and listening.