Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcoming MedCity Capsules and what it means for you

This is with great pleasure that I am announcing that the Spoke Intelligence Network has a new member. As of today, MedCity News is launching MedCity Capsules, the first Healthcare Business Intelligence Website powered by the Spoke Intelligence Network technology and content.

 We are very proud to partner with MedCity News as MedCity News is one of the most (if not the most) thoughtful and interesting blogs in the Healthcare Industry. Entrepreneurial at its core with a great leader at its helm, MedCity News is the type of companies we strive to partner with. MedCityNews is also very complementary to VentureBeat in term of Industy and Geographical coverage. It covers the Healthcare Industry in depth and given its location, it has a strong following in the MidWest and the East Coast.

 This partnership has several dimensions:
1) As already mentioned, MedCity News is launching MedCity Capsules, a website dedicated to Healthcare Business Intelligence based on the Spoke Intelligence Network content and Technology;
2) MedCity News will actively promote MedCity Capsules to its community and will link their articles to our content;
3) MedCity News will start populating the Spoke Intelligence Network automatically with their thoughtful content
4) MedCity News is contributing content beyond news by creating lists and Industry Trackers for the Healthcare Industry. Of course those lists and industry trackers will be available on all sites of Spoke Intelligence Network;
5) Lastly, MedCity Capsules will promote the lists created in the other part of the network as well.

 For the Spoke Intel community, this is the best of both worlds as you get more content and more reach without any work. If you have content on one of our existing sites, this content will now reach more and different type of users through MedCity Capsules. And it is not going to be another site to maintain either, as the content you have created on one site will automatically update the others. Same if you are monitoring your pages or lists of pages on one of the SpokeIntel sites, any time that there are updates from any other sites, you will be alerted as well directly within the site you are a part of.

 For Spoke Software, this is of course a major evolution, as MedCity Capsules will cover HealtchcareIT, Medical Devices and Biotechnology. With VB Profiles, Spoke Intel and MedCity Capsules, we are now covering 5 of the 6 most important verticals in term of Business Intelligence and now addressing a potential market of more than 100,000 companies.

 We look forward to hearing from you….