Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Understanding Digital Reputation

Though people are spending more time on Social Networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, the web is still the main place where people search for information.

Digital Reputation Management requires understanding what tools and services are available to monitor your personal online brand and promote the good content that shapes your identity.
What is Digital Reputation

Wikipedia describes Reputation as a commonly-held opinion, or a social evaluation based on a set of criteria. It is important in business, education, online communities and many other fields.  Online, information is being published all the time: by us on our social profiles, by others on blogs or their social profiles, and by professionals on news sites and across the internet as a whole. 

 Our digital reputation is being shaped as much by us as by other people; and as a result, checking frequently what is available online and making sure that the good content appears first is important for somebody conscious about their personal brand.

Simplified, Digital Reputation Management involves both a discovery element, and a curation element.

To learn more, check out the Reputation Management topic page on to dive in!

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  1. Well, reputation matters in each and every field of life as well as business. If any one is having his business mainly on internet then digital reputation becomes vital. Thanks for sharing this informative post Matt.