Monday, May 13, 2013

Free Promotion For Spoke Users

The Spoke team couldn't be more excited!  We just released a major enhancement to our brand new 'Lists' feature-set (if you missed it, watch how to use Spoke to automatically stay informed) and to celebrate, we're throwing a special one-week promotion for all our users:  we'll build/update any page that is important to you.  Why?  Because 'Lists' rely so much on following great Spoke pages, and we want your experience to be invaluable.

So for one week, starting now, if there's any company or topic page that is important to you, tell us about it using the short form below and our dedicated team will work for you to make sure it is updated.


It's free, fast, and we'll tell you when it's complete so that you can follow the finished page and start getting all the intelligence you need, delivered right to your inbox or browser (just as our company video describes.)

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