Monday, January 9, 2012

Guidelines for editing information on the site

As we have talked about over the last month now, the new Spoke is now live and really shining. I want to thank the team for all the work they have done and also give you some guidelines on how to edit information on this new site.

We are a business information site, our mission is to inform and not to promote. So we are not a marketing directory or a supplement to your web site and we reserve the rights to remove any content that we deem too marketing oriented and not rich enough in information. For instance, we saw one company that added more than 100 tags. This may be good for the SEO of the page but we believe that it is not in the interest of a user interested in business information. We want you to describe the person or the business in the summary and use tags so that a person interested in the profile you are editing gets a sense of what this company is all about.

In term of tone as well as content, the Spoke pages are places for conversations and we want those conversations to be cordial as if we were having them during a business dinner. Some comments would not be allowed and some people would be asked to leave the table if they were too harsh or disrespectful. We will apply the same type of conduct at Spoke: you may say things that are provocative and controversial but we aim to keep the conversation objective and within the boundary of decency and respect. If somebody doesn't respect this code of conduct, we will ban them from editing on this site.

In the summary or in the tags, we don't want information that could be considered as defamatory or slandering such "this person lost 10% of revenue during his tenure", "so and so is having an affair with XYZ", "this person cooked the books". This type of information could be eventually added to the notable links section as long as there is an article on the Internet from a reputable source to back it up.

Right now, we cannot accept any information from another language. Our spam engine only works in English so we would not be able to decipher whether the content added is appropriate or relevant. We will let you know as soon as we add other languages.

Signing in LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or even registering gives you of course more privileges as we are able to validate who you are. It doesn’t mean that all of your edits will be accepted but you would get a great level of trust

We want our users to either update a profile to increase its accuracy or to request remove its profile.  This is the role of our moderation team to enforce this policy:

·        So if you replace a correct name by a “:” or a set of random characters, your edits will be rejected by our moderation team.

·        If you want a profile to be removed, you should click on the following link page for removal that you can find at the bottom of any profile person page. If you decide to delete all the information on the profile, you will first do far more work than you should and our moderation team will reject it. Instead use the request for removal button at the end of the page.

·        You can remove information from a profile if you want to. We, in fact, make it very easy to do so. However, if you are anonymous editors, the best practice is to first add some level of correct information and then remove existing information. If you don't do that then the moderation team doesn't have any way to gauge the seriousness of your stream of edits and may reject all your edits because they can't validate them.

·        If a job is not current anymore, use the past association to express that the job is not current anymore rather than delete the information; this information was correct in the first place so why delete it.

·        If a job is not accurate, just delete it and add another one that is current. If you don't want to add another job, do not delete it as it may be rejected by our moderation team.  You should just indicate that the information is not correct by adding the term inaccurate to the job title in question and our moderation team will take it from there.

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