Thursday, May 13, 2010

Access direct contact information for millions of business people in Spoke

Spoke is dedicated helping members initiate relationships with business people to form better alliances and strong businesses. One of the key elements of establishing new relationships is doing so within the confines of trust and ethics. That’s why Spoke has a well-defined privacy policy that guarantees that at no time will Spoke display, sell, or give away any direct contact information without a member’s consent.

Spoke does offer several ways to reach over 60 million businesspeople using features such as:
Corporate contact information (such as a headquarters address and phone number)
Outlook integration

We’ve heard time and again from you, our members, that you want direct contact information for people found in Spoke, but because of our privacy policy we were unable to supplement our rich profile data with direct contact information.

Today we are excited to announce a new feature that bridges the chasm between our privacy policy and our members’ requests. Now you can access direct contact information for anyone in Spoke using the Jigsaw integration.

Jigsaw is a directory of business contacts including direct contact information such as some one’s business email address, direct dial extension, business mailing address, and position within the company and you have direct access to get this information from Spoke.

To download this information, look just below a person’s profile for the words ‘Purchase Contact’. If you see this, then you can now download direct contact information from Spoke.

For more information on how this process works, visit the Jigsaw FAQs.

So what are you waiting for? Go download some direct contact information from Spoke and initiate the connections you need to grow your network!

Philippe Cases
President, CEO


  1. I think this is a great feature. I would also suggest you look at another competitor

    Sandra Strum

  2. I was interested in speaking with someone in regards to the platform please call do not email 516-967-5386

  3. Hello Spoke team,
    I love your service while I am prospecting for customers in my business. It is one of the most usefull tools in my toolbox.

    Can I ask that you consider a solution that is mobile based? Perhaps as an APP? This would allow outside sales people to be better prepared to call on a business for a "Cold-Call" in field marketer. Your site is not currently user friendly when using my Droid.

  4. This leaves very little to the imagination. When will we get the announcement that salesforce has entered into agreement with spoke....end of days. I am excited to hear about the move, but this changes the competitive landscape. Hopefully, someone can help fill the potential void left if spoke goes bye bye.

  5. Brent, thank you so much. We are currently working our next generation architecture and obviously mobile is high on our priority list. We have a site Uservoice ( to gather user feedbacks. Users can request new features and/or vote on other people features so we can come up with a prioritized list. Do not hesitate to participate....

  6. I have always been of the mind that Spoke and Jigsaw were very complementary and our user base has been requesting this feature for a while now. This said, it seems that Saleforce acquired Jigsaw for an entire different reason. As the two companies mature, this may be become an alternative, which would not be bad for the company and our users.