Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spoke may be performing slower than normal...

This week Spoke began experiencing intermittent periods of exponential search volume causing our search engine to overload resulting in slowed search response times or, occasionally, searches failing. We are investigating the root cause of the issue and have taken precautionary steps to balance the search load so that the impact of these spikes to members will be minimized.

We know that these spikes are occurring during peak business hours, usually around the time both the east and west coasts get their days started. If you happen to experience a period of latent slowness, we encourage you to try using Spoke during other times of the day when these spikes are far less likely to occur.

As always we are working diligently to give you tools to aid in growing your network and managing your relationships. We appreciate any feedback you may be able to provide about this specific issue through our support department or about Spoke in feature improvement through our product feedback channel.

We thank you for your patience and will keep you updated about this issue as more information becomes available.

On a brighter note, make sure to check the blog next week for details about a cash-prize contest...

1 comment:

  1. Your FAQ and HElp offer NO means to cancel the account. Your "Sales" link clearly shows that you are selling my email to lists and I do not want you to do that with my information.

    I have tried to cancel via email with no response. The "feedback" mechanism got a response asking which page had the problem. READ YOUR OWN DAMN FAQ regarding "How to cancel your account"

    This fucking shit sucks.