Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spoke Service Announcement: Spoke is Slow or Non-Responsive

As you may already be aware, the service is experiencing some latency today. Users have reported experiences from slow search load times to searches timing out. We want to let each and every one of you know we are aware of problem and working aggressively to resolve it.

At 4:00 AM PST this morning, our system tracked a spike in the system load. This bottleneck caused a back up in several key downstream applications resulting in the slow, or sometimes halted, user experiences.

The Spoke engineering team is actively engaged in, and fully committed to, the resolution of this issue in a timely manner. Members will be notified shortly via e-mail about the issue and will be notified again when the service is back to normal. If you are trying to register for Spoke, please try back again soon.

We thank our members for their support and ask that everyone bear with us through this service interruption. And we promise to you, to continue to deliver a place where you can expand your network to forge new relationships.

-The Spoke Team

Update: Latency issues have been resolved. All Spoke systems are now operating normally.