Friday, March 13, 2009

More people to find and other quiet improvements

In the last month or so we’ve been busy improving Spoke in ways you may not have noticed. A lot of the improvements we make here at Spoke have to do with behind-the-scenes things that are making the service better in ways that might be hard to notice at first.

Our mission is to be the best way for business people to connect with other business people. To that end, over the last month we have been able to give our members access to 20% more business people. This means 20% more people in your search results and 20% more people you can connect with. Run some searches and let us know what you think.

Being a large online business network means we have a lot of web traffic – in fact, over a million people visit Spoke’s site every week. A lot of these visitors are people who have found their public Spoke Profile while searching for themselves. Spoke Profiles are built from information that’s publicly available on the web or that is provided by our members. We believe people should be in control of their information online, so we want to make it as simple as possible for people to see what information is out there and correct it if it is wrong. We encourage visitors to claim and update their public Spoke Profile. In the last month we’ve made this process smarter so it is easier for visitors to claim and update the right Profile.

These are just the latest and far from the last improvements you’ll be seeing from us. Including some really big ones in the near future. Stay tuned…